Art Design

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of artistic mediums for both private and corporate clients. I have helped create branded marketing and product design for clients. I have been commissioned to render character sketches, movie posters, banners, flyers, paintings, and custom artwork. I have designed corporate logos and letterheads. And I have been a public spokesperson and brand ambassador for a variety of topics and events. Here are just a few examples of my past creative design for clients and commissions.

Freehand Illustrations. I have done many freehand illustrations for a variety of creative projects. Past projects include: character design, custom artwork, movie posters, banners, flyers, marketing materials, marketing products, and comic book illustrations.

Logos & Letterhead. I have designed many logos and letterheads for private and corporate clients. Here are a few samples of my past work.

Graphic Design & Branded Marketing. I have done extensive graphic design work over the years and have created many marketing materials for numerous clients. I have taken and edited product photos. Created layouts, body copy, flyers, advertisements, posters, banners, clothing, marketing displays, and custom art assets. Here are a few samples of my past work.

Product Design & Creation. I have designed and created numerous products over the years. From pre-visualization, concept art, to working prototype, and final rendered product. I have also designed product packaging and marketing for various items. Here are a few product design samples that I have completed.

Brand Ambassador & Public Spokesperson. In attention to my various art skills in multiple mediums, I am also a talented spokesperson and brand ambassador. In the past, I was a retail store manager and high school sports coach. I interact with the public on a daily basis. From talking and chatting to clients, to working with customers about a purchase. I have helped run, organize, and promote: health fairs, trade shows, comic book conventions, film festivals, movie screenings, radio talk shows, and public awards events. I’ve been a featured guest at a variety of entertainment forums and venues. Here are few photos from past events that I have managed, spoke at, and helped organized.

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~ Bryan "Sandman" Sanders